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Support to stop or reduce using alcohol and drugs

Get in touch with Wize Up for free confidential advice and support to make positive changes with support from your own recovery worker. You can easily refer yourself here.

Click here if you need urgent help

If you are trying to reduce your own drinking or drug use, the following tips may help: 

  • Identify all the things that are associated with using the substance and try to avoid them 
  • Tell friends and family – get their support! 
  • Try to plan other things at the time of day you usually use 
  • Plan ways to say no if offered by friends 
  • Leave more time between using the substance, decreasing the amount you use 
  • Avoid buying more than you need 
  • Try to have substance-free days 
  • Think of all the money you will save!

Please seek medical support if you are experiencing physical withdrawal or using alcohol or drugs dependently.  

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