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What we do

We understand it may be difficult to access one of our Hubs due to your support needs. Rise works across the Borough of Ealing within the community to support the people who use our services.

Hospital Liaison Team

Rise has a team of trained nurses who work within Ealing Hospital with patients who require support with drugs and or alcohol. The team will see anyone who has been admitted to the hospital who may have drug and/or alcohol issues. They can provide short or intensive sessions and refer you to the relevant services.  

Within the hospital, Rise also has a Hospital Link Worker who can arrange for your assessment for Rise and provide support for you to access the service.

    Community engagement  

    Our Community Engagement Team operate within the community across the Borough of Ealing. They can arrange to meet you within the community if you are struggling to attend the Service.  

    The team work with local charities, organisations, and businesses to provide targeted outreach for those who may find it difficult to access the Service or areas. You can also notify them if you are concerned about activity in the area that is concerning you such as increased street drinking or drug-related litter. You can notify them by emailing us at [email protected]   

    The team also work with Churches, Gurudwaras, Mosques and other places of worship to provide training, awareness, and support for local communities.  

    Needle exchange  

    Rise work with local pharmacies to provide Needle Exchange works. These are:  

    • Cross Pharmacy  
    • Grosvenor House Pharmacy  
    • Horn Lane Pharmacy  
    • Lloyds Pharmacy – Acton  
    • M Gokani  
    • Mattock Lane  
    • Puri Chemist  
    • Touchwood Pharmacy  

    Dominion Centre

    Rise also operates from the Dominion Centre located at 112 The Green, Southall, UB2 4BQ. If you would prefer to be seen at the Dominion Centre, please speak to the Service about this.

    We are open three days a week by appointment only. 

    • Tuesday: 10am – 12pm 
    • Wednesday: 10am – 4pm 
    • Friday: 10am- 1pm 
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    Get involved

    The volunteer and peer mentor email address is: [email protected]  

    For more information about how you can volunteer with us, please visit our Volunteering page here.