EASY Project - Ealing

How to refer someone or yourself

To refer someone, please see the referral form on the website.  If you have questions before making a referral, please contact [email protected]

Anyone can refer whether it be you needing support or someone else. All we ask if you are referring on behalf of someone else you have their permission. 

Types of appointment

You can have your appointments with your worker in person whether that be in school, at home, or at Westside Young People’s Centre. We can also offer phone calls or video calls.

Drug testing

Here at the Easy Project we do not drug test young people. 

What to do if you're over 18

Please contact our adult services

Information for professionals

Supporting a young person can be challenging and it's not always clear where you can go for help. We've created some advice for professionals on supporting people under 21 and how to refer a young person to our services, which you can read here