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Pathways to Recovery - Warrington

What to expect

We believe that everyone has the potential to change, and we never give up on you even when maybe at time you have given up on yourself. Pathways to Recovery will work with you to help you to regain control of your life, tackle your problems and reach your goals no matter how long it takes.  Everyone is an individual and may require different interventions and types of support to reach their goals, our aim is to be the provider of those options and differing pathways to recovery.

Advice, guidance and information

We offer simple free, confidential advice and information about drugs and alcohol for anyone struggling with an addiction. This sort of brief intervention may be all you need to address your issues on your own terms.  Often simple sign posting to appropriate services or words of advice can be sufficient to clarify your thoughts.

Recovery Coordination

Some individuals may need more concerted regular support and we know everybody’s journey is different, which is why your dedicated Recovery Coordinator will work closely with you to design a personal support plan.

Coordination of someone care is different to ‘key working’ it involves our staff working alongside you not ahead of you, supporting you to access the right services and support encouraging you to take up the options that are readily available to you.  The Coordinators roles is to introduce you to different services, different people who can make a contribution to ‘’your plan’’

A personal plan

Your CGL Recovery Coordinator will design a package of care led by you that harnesses your strengths, addresses unmet needs and helps you to achieve your goals. Support can be provided as close to your home as possible through a whole network of community venues across the Borough of Warrington.

You’ll have access to:

  • Healthcare Clinics

Advice, screening and vaccinations for blood-borne viruses, such as HIV and hepatitis. We also offer Naloxone kits and training. 

  • Needle Exchange

Provision of safe equipment and harm reduction advice for injecting drug users.

  • Medically Assisted Recovery

Medical interventions, such as opiate substitute prescribing, aimed at reducing or ceasing drug dependence.

  • Community and Inpatient Detoxification

Access to both community and inpatient detoxification for both drugs and alcohol.

  • Education, training, employment & volunteering (ETEV)

Support in accessing training, employment and volunteering opportunities in your local community.

  • Domestic Abuse support

We help victims find out what their options are, including housing, safety and legal issues, and guidance through the court process. We can also put them in touch with other organisations that may be able to address their concerns.

  • Housing Support

We can support service users to navigate the town’s housing pathways and to provide advice and support with housing applications, making referrals and bidding for properties.

  • Aftercare (The Recovery Network)

We want you to celebrate your recovery and continue being supported long after your treatment plan has come to an end. We provide recovery check-ins and offer access to peer-led activity groups from film clubs to fishing as well as mutual aid and wider recovery networks. Perhaps you would like to set up your own business or a community interest company that serves the wider community – we can help.