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If you work in a school, college, university or alternative education provider, we can work with you to support young people and young adults to stay aware, safe, and well.

Our interventions are designed to address the needs of 16 to 25 year olds, and we can tailor them to suit your needs. We offer a range of interventions and interactive workshops.

Interactive workshops

    • What’s The Harm?

      A comprehensive introduction and overview to drugs and alcohol harm reduction.

      Our most popular workshop. A comprehensive introduction and overview to drugs and alcohol harm reduction, the relationship between substances and emotional, physical, and sexual health, and the law.


      • Weed, Worries and Wellbeing

        A thorough and extensive Cannabis workshop.

        An extensive cannabis workshop. This includes the history of cannabis, the short- and long-term effects and the relationship between cannabis, mental and physical health. Synthetic cannabinoids are also included in this workshop, as well the legality of both substances.

        • About Alcohol

          All about Alcohol.

          This workshop takes an extensive look at alcohol and its relationship to mental, physical, and sexual health. This interactive workshop includes a timeline of a drinking session, from the pre-drinks to the hangover the next day.

          • Summer Safety

            Our most popular workshop for the summer term.

            This workshop focuses on drugs and alcohol that most young people are likely to be exposed to over the summer months. Whilst providing drug-specific harm reduction, this workshop also focuses on the practicalities of staying safe in the summer - whether that be at festivals, house parties or in the park.

            • Drink, Drugs and Decisions

              A fully immersive and interactive workshop.

              Students will follow "Alex" on a night out and make their decisions for them. This workshop encourages students to think about the consequences of decisions,  encouraging students to make more informed decisions on nights out themselves. 

            We can also: 

            • Support you with policy development and safeguarding
            • Offer advice and training for education professionals
            • Offer drop-in advice clinics for students
            • Offer virtual workshops 
            • Signpost and complete onward referrals
            • Set up stalls and expo spaces at events (e.g., freshers fairs).


            To find out more about how we can work with you, please get in touch. 


            We work in the local community to support young people to stay aware, safe, and well. We are out and about 3-4 times per week, including evenings and weekends, and can generally be found on estates or in parks/recreation areas. Our whereabouts is flexible and responsive to the needs of communities across Derby, Derbyshire and Sheffield.

            If you offer outreach and would like us to join you, you can get in touch with us.


            What we do?

            • Provide harm reduction information and advice
            • Have conversations about drugs and alcohol in the community
            • Give out safety resources (leaflets, spikeys, condoms)
            • Offer support to access additional help for drug and alcohol issues, wellbeing and sexual health support.
            • Help people to get home safely if they feel worried or vulnerable.


            To find out more about how we can work with you, please get in touch.

            Events and the Night Time Economy

            If you host events with attendees aged 16 to 25 across Derby, Derbyshire or Sheffield, we can offer free support to help young people and young adults to stay aware, safe, and well. We have a range of support available which can vary depending on the type of event or environment.


            What we do:

            • Provide harm reduction information and advice
            • Provide basic welfare interventions (in collaboration with existing welfare or medical services)
            • Give out safety resources (leaflets, spikeys, condoms)
            • Work with community safety provisions to better support young people and young adults (such as police, fire and rescue, youth services)
            • Provide a safe space/hub using our mobile unit
            • Offer support in accessing additional help from other services for issues involving drugs and alcohol use, wellbeing, and sexual health
            • Provide help to attendees in getting home safely if feeling worried or vulnerable
            • Provide consultation and data collection about drug and alcohol use at events to better inform policies/procedures
            • Offer support with safeguarding issues for young people and vulnerable adults.


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            Safer Venues Scheme

            If you manage a bar or club, we can support you in making nights out safer for young people and young adults.

            We have a range of resources available which not only support young people & young adults, but also you and your staff, in being able to work with challenging situations. These include:

            • Free training for staff (about drugs, alcohol, welfare & safeguarding)
            • Free DBS check for in-venue staff leading on customer safety
            • Support with supply/distribution of safety resources (e.g., anti-spiking)
            • Policy development
            • Staffed ‘Pop up’ safety zones for customers
            • Free consultation, such as a venue safety audit, with advice on how to make your venue safer.

            Marketing and promotion for your venue as a member of the1625 Outreach Safer Venues Scheme.

            "The 1625 service is an exemplary service, which supports people at their point of need with the appropriate level of care, support and understanding. Every time we have had the opportunity to collaborate, we have found the team a pleasure to work alongside and look forward to continuing to develop our relationship.”  

            - Gemma Bennet, Director W.E.L.Safe CIC

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            To find out more about how we can work with you, please get in touch.

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