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You may see the T3 staff team at various different venues and events across Staffordshire promoting working together and giving positive support messages to young people around alcohol & drugs. We try to make sure we are accessible all across Staffordshire in venues that work for Young People and partners, so please keep an eye out for us or contact us on 01785 241393 if you would like to request this service.

Targeted group work for young people

These can provide education and advice to reduce or prevent the harms associated with alcohol and drugs. These sessions take place throughout Staffordshire in agreed venues and are tailored specifically to meet the needs of the group.

"GV stated as a result of working with T3 he has been able to identify negative peer groups and has got involved in positive activities.  He has new friends and feels confident. GV has stated that since stating with T3 he has remained drug free."

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Support for parents, carers and families

We understand the important supportive role that parents, carers and other family members can play and offer tailored support to help them better understand and support their loved ones.

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Support for young people who are affected by parental or another family members’ alcohol and/or drug use

T3 understand the difficulties in seeing the life of a loved one being affected by alcohol and drugs.  We offer services to ensure that the needs of those young people affected by “hidden harm” are also being met.

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Partnership working and consultancy

We are happy to work with all partners within Staffordshire.  At T3 we recognise that no single agency can provide all of the services that will meet the needs of young people. However, we do believe that service users can experience a seamless journey and benefit from a multi-agency approach if the care coordination is of a high standard and is supported by locally agreed care pathways and working together protocols. T3 currently works with a range of voluntary and statutory agencies across Staffordshire and have developed in partnership with them smooth referral routes to ensure the ongoing needs of the young person are met. Please feel free to contact us on 01785 241393 if you would like to speak to us.

"Room 21 has worked with T3 for years, staff value their consistency and approach with our students. Their skills and knowledge has a huge impact on the support available to students at Leek High. Communication is great, Danni and Clare are definitely part of the Multi Agency Unit"

Lindsey - Leek High School

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