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HeadStart - Newham

group of young people

HeadStart is a free emotional wellbeing service for children and young people aged 10 - 16 in Newham.

We provide an exciting variety of creative and sports-based activities to all young people living in Newham aged 10 - 16 years old. These evidence-based opportunities aim to support young people living with emerging mental health difficulties to be more emotionally resilient and through doing so to overcome barriers to learning, achieve more, be mentally healthy and less likely to need the input of more specialist services (e.g CAMHS). All creative arts and sports programmes are designed to promote emotional resilience and run for 8-10 weeks allowing time for 1:1 support by experienced Youth Practitioners. 

How to contact us

Young people can access the service by self-referral, a professional referral from a Headstart/non-Headstart school and through other professional Young People's Services e.g. Social care. Contact us directly via email, via a parent, or via a professional referral. 

For more information, please call 07341 798 175 or email

We provide:

  • Workshops in all things music and music production.
  • Workshops in various sports activities 
  • Advice and guidance
  • One-to-one key working with a trained youth practitoner

What can we support you with?

  • Support & ideas for managing your mood & emotions
  • Help and support in how to manage and respond to challenging situations
  • Support in getting on with others and dealing with difficult relationships
  • Ideas to help me concentrate better 

Can’t make your appointment?

It’s really important that you let us know. Ideally please call us on 07341 798 175. You can also email to let us know on

What do our service users say about us?

“I really enjoyed making music, and writing my own songs.”

HeadStart service user

What's on?

We deliver creative, diverse and high-quality programmes which include song-writing, music production, African time travel, rhyme right and didgeridoo workshops.

We also deliver a diverse variety of sports programmes which include, multi-sports, horse riding, athletics, youth camp and rugby.

We deliver a creative, diverse and high-quality programme of creative song-writing and music production courses for young Newham residents. Our music workshops are provided by X7eaven. 

Sports Providers

Music Providers


The course is run at different times each term. For further information call Nichole Raif (0208 522 6560).