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Annual reports

Please note: up until 1 April 2016 Change Grow Live was known as Crime Reduction Initiatives (CRI), therefore all reports that were published before 1 April 2016 remain branded as Crime Reduction Initiatives. 



Annual report 2017-18

CGL Annual Report 2017-18 



annual report screenshot

CGL Annual Report 2016-17 



annual report preview

CGL Annual Report 2015-16 

CRI Annual Report 2014-15 

CRI Crime Reduction Initiatives Annual Report for the 2013/14 financial year

CRI Annual Report 2013-14 

CRI Annual Report 2012-13

CRI Annual Report 2011/12

CRI Annual Report 2011-12

CRI Annual Report 2010/11

CRI Annual Report 2010-11

CRI Annual Report 2009/10

CRI Annual Report 2009-10 

CRI Annual Report 2008/9

CRI Annual Report 2008-09