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Real stories

Stories from service users, staff and volunteers

  • Working for an organisation that acknowledges and rewards hard work makes it all the more rewarding to come in each morning.

  • Donna is in recovery from alcohol. She has been in recovery now for seven months after a small relapse in May 2017.

  • Jo talks about drinking to oblivion after the tragic death of her partner. She then describes the positive experience of getting help from her local alcohol service.

  • I have been a client of substance misuse services for many years and my Hepatitis treatment has been a really positive part of my care.

  • I was on a 16 week course for the second treatment but I got the all clear after 14 weeks. It felt like half the world had been lifted, like I’d finally got somewhere.

  • I have more energy, I have maintained my recovery, stayed off drugs and am getting on with living my life - free from hepatitis C! 

  • My experience was unbelievable, I was absolutely astounded and over the moon. I had none of the side effects that I could have had and I noticed no difference in the way I felt throughout my treatment. I’m happy and relieved that I no longer have this nasty virus hanging over my neck.

  • For the first time in my adult life I see a bright future, thanks to the help from the team of workers at Change Grow Live.

  • Charlie first came to Change Grow Live's Spectrum service for help five years ago. Now, he is a service user rep supporting others through similar situations.