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Vincent's story - running for improved wellbeing

I am employed at Wirral Ways to Recovery. Since the provision of The Wellbeing Hour along with a group of colleagues we commenced a running group. We were all reasonably experienced runners so a 5 km run along the River Mersey was no problem to us. We have continued do this all through the year, and number 4-7 staff members and recently we opened it up to service users, although only a few have taken up the opportunity so far. I believe that since we have been running as a group it has increased team morale and it gives us a real feeling of wellbeing. We can also see how pro-social modelling impacts upon our service users.

Since commencing we have been in touch with The Running Charity who have intimated that they may be willing to work with us and possibly supply running kit. In addition to our Friday running group we have also put flyers in our Hubs encouraging service users and staff to consider joining a local Park run. I run regularly throughout the week with a local running club and I have also completed 135 park runs to date. I see a tremendous benefit in running both physically and mentally.

There is plenty of evidence to show that running has a positive impact on recovery and health and wellbeing. As a Foundations of Recovery Group Work Facilitator I promote the 5 Ways to Wellbeing, one of which is being Active.