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Ste's story

My name is Ste. I am originally from East London. I had been in addiction from the age of 11 until I was 44. My recovery started in a rehab in Lancaster, where I arrived via prison, after 6 months in Lancaster I moved to Warrington. That was in March 2015.

Within the first 2 days I came to Pathways, formerly known as CRI. These were my first 2 days clean from addiction outside of an institute. Upon my arrival I was met by a key worker and did my induction, this allowed me access to the hub (at the rear of Pathways) as well as being able to enrol for Foundations courses.

I came to the Hub 3-4, sometimes 5 days a week, getting to know and meet like-minded people, people in early recovery.

Within 2 weeks I started my first Foundations course, this was for 4 weeks twice a week for 2 hours, which allowed me to bond with a group who then later went on to the second part of Foundations, which is Foundations of Growth. There I learnt about my behaviours and the way I thought, through this process I was able to change and become more aware.

Before I knew it I was 6 months in and 1 year clean from addiction. Then I enrolled in another two courses: “Peer mentoring” and “Recovery Coaching”, which I am pleased to say I completed and currently now I am both. Throughout this journey I have attended NA meetings in the evening as well as been able to find the confidence to go to college. I am now 2 years, 2 months clean. My journey has been with great gratitude to the help through pathways where I am now a Peer Mentor/Volunteer.