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Recovery - a poem by Lee, volunteer and former service user

Recovery is where I’m at,

For years a devil and an angel on my shoulder sat,

The bad telling me yes,

The good saying no,

I felt I had no place to go.

What started off fun,

Soon turned to pain.

Around my neck a ball and chain.

I wanted to just break free and return to normality,

The madness had taken a hold,

My spirit to the devil I had sold,

The only thing that mattered was drugs,

Not even myself, I didn’t care about my appearance or health.

I’d beg, steal or borrow for cocaine,

It’s all I had on the brain.

My family and friends I did neglect,

I was an addict, what do you expect.

Inside your feelings die, sat in my flat I would cry,

All I felt was pain, I wanted to break free of the ball and chain.

I then went to prison and that did it for me,

I now look forward to each day and loving life I have to say

hitting rock bottom is what it takes.

I now have a new lease of life and it feels great, it was totally worth the wait,

I am truly happy as can be, because I love recovery