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Nathan's story (regional service user rep)

When I first came to CGL as a Peer Mentor, starting on my own recovery journey, I didn’t know what a service user rep was.

I was given the opportunity to attend a regional service user meeting and see what a regional rep did. I’m glad I did and it was an opportunity I am really grateful for. It has opened my eyes to what CGL are trying to do - to help and support service users with a wide variety of needs no matter what background they are from.

I saw an opportunity for myself to really help service users and at the same time continuously gain the knowledge to improve CGL from a service user’s point of view. This is the best thing about the service user rep role.

CGL has helped me in my own recovery and helped me get my life back on track.

I enjoy working with really good people within the service that actively want to help and support every service user in their own recovery.

Through my own experiences I want to make a difference and help other service users.

CGL has done and will continue to support me and help me in my own development and recovery.