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Nadiya's story*

My sister told me about CGL as soon as she found out about it. She was very worried about me. My whole life was a mess, full of worry, no one who could help me and no one to answer my questions. I had tried ‘let’s talk wellbeing’ before but it didn’t help.

The way I was treated was so different, I have been surrounded by people who care and truly understand me. Nobody judges me. All of this is so important to me. I have attended lots of groups and made so many friends. My parents have attended Hetty’s for family support and have said how much it has helped them.

The turning point for me was the care from all of the members of staff, from the manager, my worker, the volunteers and reception. Everybody has been so wonderful and I am so grateful for this. The best part is being able to drop into the centre at any time and have a coffee and a chat, there is always someone who will spend time with me.

I have started working on the allotment and love it. I am doing a mindfulness course and it is teaching me new things every day. I have also learned how much people can care about others and how to show love again.

I am getting better step by step, one day at a time and I am stronger, more optimistic and I have met so many new friends.

CGL has helped me turn my life around. I have met so many amazing people. THANK YOU

*name changed to protect identity