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Lisa's story - Black History Month

I joined CGL 2 years ago from Addaction as part of a TUPE transfer. One of the things that really struck me at the time was how diverse and representative of different communities CGL was. I was also really impressed that every manager I came into contact with during the TUPE process spoke about service users and our ethos of enabling them to have the best possible opportunity to improve their lives.

It really reassured me that CGL was an organisation that put service users at the heart of everything; something which is really important to me. I feel that CGL is a great place to work.

I love my job, especially the variety, not knowing what the day brings, the challenges and problem-solving and working with my team and service users. I feel CGL also has a strong values base which strongly aligns to my own personal values of integrity, honesty and trust.

Having grown up in the 70s I remember it was rare to see positive role models from the BAME community represented within mainstream society. I therefore feel that as a BAME service manager it’s important I show my support for campaigns like Black History Month – although of course you don’t have to be BAME to be part of the campaign.

For anyone thinking about coming to work for CGL, especially if they are from the BAME community, I would say definitely give the organisation a try. There are a lot of different rewarding opportunities. If recovery is your business I’d say come and work for CGL.