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Jane’s story*

When I first came to Change Grow Live I was at my lowest point. I felt worthless, had a sense of failure and knew that I couldn’t dig myself out without help.

For me, alcohol was a tool I used to mask what was really going on. I used it for years as a form of escape from different situations and feelings, mainly negative ones to do with myself.

Change Grow Live gave me a space to be myself, warts and all. It was a place that allowed me to speak without fear of judgment or criticism and offered advice and encouragement when needed.

Although I feel I have put a lot of work into how I am today, I know full well I wouldn’t be here now feeling how I do without the help I received there. They gave me the support I didn’t know I needed and in a way, I never could have asked for. All treatment is designed around you and enables you, the service user, to make decisions about your own recovery.

My key worker Tom is one of the most important people in my life and I am thankful every day for having such a service available to me.

I am 10 months sober and the happiest I have ever been, my mental health problems are managed, and I don’t see them now as problems but as part of me. My issues are things that simply need a way of dealing with and I have learnt the wonders of self-care.

Change Grow Live isn’t magic, it doesn’t fix your problems overnight or for you but enables you with the tools and resilience to build yourself back up in a safe and encouraging environment.

I hope all those who are a part of Change Grow Live know how special they all are. My life has changed. I am now the person I always wanted to be.

*name changed to protect identity