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Giovanni's story*

My life was just becoming manageable when I approached CGL as I had self de-toxed and was 2 weeks clean from drink and drugs. I was homeless without work or money and I had moved to Southampton, far away from my family and children to get myself clean.

I approached CGL after a recommendation from another agency. The difference with my treatment now that I am with CGL is that it is ongoing. I am engaged in an activities programme rather than just sporadic counselling that I have been offered before. I am getting far more support from staff and peers and am learning how to live my life differently.

I attend lots of groups including fishing, chess and ACT which I can continue to access through my recovery. I am now 40 days clean and the activities, spending time with peers, mindfulness and a 12 step programme have all helped. Moving into a dry house and no longer being homeless has been a turning point for me.

I now have clarity of mind and feel empowered to build a life without addiction. My future is looking very positive and opportunities are constantly opening up for me.

*name changed to protect identity