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Feedback from service users at The Alcohol Service

“All practitioners have been so helpful and armed us with tools to proceed, thank you"

“I am very pleased to have had the opportunity and the privilege of having been allowed to participate this this programme. I feel very different to the way I felt a week ago. Under Martin’s guidance, supervision and care, I have always felt safe and understood”

“For all the care and understanding during my detox, I am forever grateful”

“This has been a very insightful journey. Having the opportunity to look a very personal and difficult times in my life has allowed me to accept and get over things that have been hindering me and to move on.  This therapy has been extremely helpful and really helped me. A big thank-you to The Alcohol Service CGL and to my counsellor and keyworker. They have been so kind and patient with me and I am truly grateful for the support I have received during a difficult time.”

“I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to have therapy. I felt that I was in a mess in my mind when I started, but counselling has greatly helped me, and improved my sense of wellbeing. It has been challenging, but I have been encouraging other service users to enter counselling. I feel sure it is something most people with Alcohol issues should be given the opportunity to do.”

"I got in touch with the service at a point in my life when I had lost everything. Thanks to the support I got from staff and other service users I am here today and taking back control of my life."

“Attending the service gave me the tools and belief that helped me change. It built up my confidence and made me realise I am not alone.”