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Craig's story

I was introduced to Evolve by my family. I was going through a bad patch. I lost my job, my house and had split up with my partner. I started drinking a lot and before I knew it I was drinking six litres of strong cider a day, hiding it from everyone.

The one day I a withdrawal fit and ended up in hospital for eight days. When I got out, I admitted to my family I was an alcoholic.

I started going Gateshead Evolve about six months ago. My worker was great. She put me on a reduction plan and within three months I was down to three litres a day.

I go to a lot of groups. I find it helps to talk to people with similar problems as myself.

I started an eight day home detox in November last year and have been clean ever since.

I also started Foundations of Recovery in the New Year as part of my recovery plan. I feel great at the minute, I know I will have bad days but it’s worth it.

I am spending a lot more time with my little girl. I feel like a dad again. It’s great.

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