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Colette's story (regional service user rep)

There are so many benefits to being a Regional Service User representative.

My computer skills have come on in leaps and bounds. I get to travel to other towns and cities visiting other CGL services for meetings and events. I meet lots of new and interesting people at meetings where we share ideas from our services and service users.

It's great to know what is going on at different levels within CGL, from service user forums to managers' meetings and governance meetings.

I now have an insight into how CGL operates. I have information fed to me from our national service user rep and in turn I feed this to our local service users reps and through our service user forums.

It is really fulfilling to network across all of CGL with different people from all walks of life.

I especially like the service user forums which I attend each month in Newark. This gives me an opportunity to find out problems, feedback any new ideas that the service users have.

Being a regional service user rep has opened up opportunities for my personal growth. I will be starting the values based interviewing training soon, which excites me as I will be able to have an input into who CGL employs in the future.