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Colette's story

My life had become unbearable and unmanageable. I was isolated and had money problems. My family didn’t know which way to turn. I went to CGL when I had had enough and couldn’t go on any longer.

I had been to AA, for inpatient detoxes and residential rehabs before but these hadn’t worked. My treatment at CGL was wonderful. I went to the hub every day, talked to other people in recovery and also spent time with staff who are in recovery. I think this is what made the difference.

I went to every group that I could, Foundations of recovery, art, Hettys, Smart (which I now co-facilitate) and the Something for the weekend group.

I had my ‘light bulb’ moment at the time that I was accessing CGL so took every bit of help that was available to me. The best parts of CGL have been going to great meetings and finding positive and true friends in these meetings.

I have taken loads of opportunities from my time at CGL, I am a service user involvement rep, I am training to be a peer mentor and I have a good social group of friends that I love spending time with, both in and out of CGL groups.

My life is so much better. Today I like me so everything else falls into place. I am positive and excited about my future. I am loving life and enjoying every minute of it. CGL has helped me to get my life back, it is a great organisation. I feel that if you do the ground work, be open and honest then it will all work out for you.