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Real stories

Stories from service users, staff and volunteers

  • Charlie first came to Change Grow Live's Spectrum service for help five years ago. Now, he is service user rep supporting others through similar situations.

  • Carl used heroin and crack for seventeen years. Watch our film to see how he’s transformed his life with the help of Change Grow Live.

  • I started volunteering at a residential treatment centre nearly ten years ago. At the time I had no idea what giving my time freely and learning new skills as a volunteer would lead to, but this was the start of a flourishing career for me.

  • Since coming to Change Grow Live, Sarah has turned her life around and is now working as a Peer Mentor at our Inspire Blackburn with Darwen service to help other people with the issues they are facing. 

  • Every day my brain has to re-process all of the information coming in and make sense of it.

  • I learnt to love myself and did counselling for all the past traumas in my life. I also learnt how to move from toxic shame to healthy guilt.

  • Even though my time at Spectrum has not been long, they have taught me a lot and it has been a privilege to work with them all, providing me with lots of opportunities to get involved in new challenges. 

  • An inspirational poem about recovery written by Lee, a CGL volunteer and former service user.

  • I'm running the Brighton marathon in April as a huge challenge, and this would have been impossible without the help and support of the St Thomas Fund and the amazing peer mentor role that I'm so glad I took part in. I will hopefully raise some funds for some exercise equipment for the service, where it all began for me. 

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