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Stories from service users, staff and volunteers

  • The theme of this year’s Alcohol Awareness Week is ‘change’. In this story, Sarah talks about her problems with alcohol and her experience of change.

  • Change Grow Live volunteer and former service user, Lee, has written this poem about his recovery.

  • I started hep C treatment again in 2015, but this time it was a new medication. 12 tablets for 3 months, you can imagine my trepidation. But this time it was different, I could sleep, I had an appetite, I could continue going to work. I could even keep riding my bike. After 6 weeks, my hep C was completely cleared. I was cured.

  • I learned how to calm myself down, and deal with my feelings in a healthy way. I was taught how to have real relationships, love myself and understand the traumas in my life. 

  • I was scared and overwhelmed, but knew it was the right thing to do. 

  • I was addicted to heroin and crack on and off for 20 years - and if I can quit, well believe me anyone can do it.

  • Working for an organisation that acknowledges and rewards hard work makes it all the more rewarding to come in each morning.

  • Donna is a recovering alcoholic. She has been in recovery now for seven months after a small relapse in May 2017.

  • Jo talks about drinking to oblivion after the tragic death of her partner. She then describes the positive experience of getting help from her local alcohol service.