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Walsall 0 -19s Early Help 

Our partnership

We work with families and children, providing family support packages following referrals from the local authority. After assessing their needs, we develop individual, tailored package of care for each family that seeks to address their needs and prevent their situation worsening.

Our interventions aim to improve the health and wellbeing of families by supporting them to develop strategies and the resilience to deal with their difficulties and move forward.

Our Early Help team leads on Early Help assessments and support for young people who have complex needs that require a multi-agency approach. Our Early Help team tracks their progress and monitors their risks and safeguarding needs.

We use local partnerships to provide a richer and broader range of interventions to support the full range of a family’s needs. Working with partners enables us to focus our skills and resources in the most effective way.
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We use local partnerships to provide a richer and broader range of interventions.

We are supported by volunteers from Sova who support families to build their confidence, skills and social networks.

We also work collaboratively with:
  • Local health visitors
  • Midwifery
  • GPs
  • Social care
  • Employment and training
  • Smoking cessation and mental health 
  • Healthy weight 
  • Immunisation and healthy start
  • Early Years play development 
  • Family hubs in Walsall
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    We work in partnership with a variety of different agencies.

    Our partners

    Black Country Women’s Aid
    An independent charity that helps support survivors or domestic abuse and sexual violence.

    Black Country Women’s Aid will provide specialist support for those families where domestic abuse or sexual violence is involved.
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    A national charity that helps 13,500 disabled children and their families every year. Kids identify and support any children in the service with additional needs.
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    Charlie Caterpillars
    Local charity Charlie Caterpillars have proven expertise in providing stay and play sessions that make a difference.
    The Beacon
    The Beacon is a borough-wide service to support the recovery of adults and young people who misuse drugs or alcohol. We work collaboratively with the Beacon when substance misuse is impacting a family.
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    Sova is a national charity that works with over 800 volunteers. Sova are responsible for the recruiting and development of 25 volunteers for this Early Help service. Volunteers will go on to help our families in a variety of ways.
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