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Shirley Riley


Has worked at Change Grow Live since: 2010

I’ve worked in health & social care sector for over 20 years in a number of different roles from practitioner through to management - working in education across schools, colleges and prisons; offending services stemming youth offending services, young offender institutes, secure units, probation and prisons; substance misuse services within community and prison settings; housing and homeless services. 

I particularly thrive in developing new models and services, bringing like-minded organisations and people together to bring innovation and best practice to life.  More importantly seeing new services develop and thrive and bring about positive change for individuals and customers, we are there to serve and empower.

Why do you do what you do?

Social Justice is my lifetimes passion and belief.  I truly believe that everyone has the opportunity to grow as a human being; our collective responsibility is to ensure individuals and communities know we exist, what we do and how we can enable them to be get help, get better and stronger to live purposeful and positive lives.  

Working as Regional Director for Change Grow Live is a true privilege, in that I get to do a job everyday that lets me do just that – working with skilled managers, staff and volunteers who go the extra mile to transform lives and make a real difference.

Your favourite Change Grow Live moment:

It’s impossible to pick one favourite moment during my time at Change Grow Live, however attending the 2013 Midlands conference and listening to a service user share her life journey and future plans, was such a powerful and humbling moment – one I won’t forget, that will always keep me grounded.