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Lucy Harrison


Lucy has worked at Change Grow Live since 2008. She provides strategic and operational leadership to services across Yorkshire. This involves leading a team of managers overseeing a diverse range of services, ensuring they deliver the best interventions to service users. She also also oversees Change Grow Live’s portfolio of Young People’s services nationally, as well as supporting the production of tenders and implementation of new services.


Lucy has worked in health and social care since 2002, working in substance misuse since 2004. After graduating university and travelling she worked as a Drug Interventions Worker in Leeds. Lucy joined Change Grow Live in 2008 as a Senior Practioner in a recovery service in Middlesbrough working with service users. From this role she worked her way up through the management structure within Change Grow Live. During her 9 years with Change Grow Live Lucy has implemented new contracts and managed a number of different services including recovery services, clinical services and criminal justice services. Lucy feels she has had amazing development opportunities with Change Grow Live and the support to succeed in her career.

About Lucy

Lucy is passionate about supporting service users and ensuring people are offered the best standard of support possible, and she truly believes that Change Grow Live offers this. Lucy says she loves seeing how services develop and innovate; managers and staff are always looking for ways they can improve delivery and develop their offer to ensure it meets the needs of their service users. She's motivated by Change Grow Live service users and staff who demonstrate the organisational values and work so hard to improve their own or their service users' quality of life.