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Kevin Crowley

Executive Director

Has worked at Change Grow Live since: 2005

As Executive Director of Quality, Governance and Innovation, Kevin is charged with driving the strategic improvement of the organisation itself, and improving the quality of care delivered to our service users.  He also has a number of statutory responsibilities within the organisation including CQC Nominated Individual, Senior Information Risk Officer and Caldecott Guardian, and he sits on the joint board-exec integrated governance committee.

With an academic background in Law and Policy, Kevin has worked within the substance misuse and social care field in the UK since 1997. He has been a Director with Change Grow Live since July 2005, when he took on the then London regional portfolio, helping to drive the growth and quality agenda.

Kevin’s extensive experience includes a role working for the National Treatment Agency, where he was responsible for the Drugs Intervention Programme, as well as a number of other policy objectives. He has also worked for the Home Office as a Regional Drugs Policy Advisor; he has been a frontline worker in settings as diverse as criminal justice and homelessness; and he started his career in the field as a volunteer - a position he still believes is his most important.

Why do you do what you do? 

I grew up in a family environment directly affected by many of the issues that our service users and their children face. I also grew up with a keen sense of social justice and personal responsibility. I remember clearly while studying and working as a volunteer in a homelessness project thinking that if one day I was actually paid for the privilege of working with service users, it would be professional bliss. I am now privileged to have a career in an organisation that makes such a difference and even more so to be able to use my skills and experience to effect organisational change. My role is so varied and exciting that every day brings challenge and reward in equal (large!) measures. I cannot imagine a better professional role and I’m conscious how fortunate I am. I think for all of us in the voluntary sector, the day we forget why we’re here and what we’re paid to do is the day we should find new challenges. 

Your favourite Change Grow Live moment:

Our service users face stigma and discrimination on a daily basis and this is often transferred directly to us when trying to open much needed facilities in communities. I remember a long and difficult planning and public consultation process which resulted in our opening a project despite very negative press and political attention. One year after the opening we invited our fiercest political critic to a public event at the project and his speech about how he had been wrong, how we had lived up to all our promises and the difference we had made to his community should have been a YouTube sensation. (Regrettably this was before our social media department).