Kate and Evie

“I have been Evie’s volunteer since October 2019. We hit it off straight away and found her to be a very pleasant polite young girl, at the time she was seven. We have built up a good rapport over the last three years. She makes the whole experience of being a volunteer a worthwhile and enjoyable experience.   


It’s always a pleasure to take her out and I love to see how happy she is and gets something out of it. Watching her grow and become more independent has been wonderful. 


When COVID started and the isolation was put in place, Change Grow Live found a way to keep in contact with our young people. This varied between text messages, video calls via WhatsApp, and sending cards and activity packs through the post. This proved to be a success and I was able to keep in contact with Evie until visits re-started. I was a little bit apprehensive that things would be difficult to get back into the swing of things once we started visits again, but I had no need.  

She is an active little girl who likes to go to the park, swim, and go for walks on the beach. I have a dog and Evie loves to take her for walks. Just recently there was a local dog show and Evie was so excited about us taking my dog and entering her in some of the categories. Although she never won anything she had a wonderful day and was proud of herself. She is already looking forward to next year to enter her again!”        


Comments from Social worker: 

“Evie looks forward to spending time with Kate, they have such a lovely relationship. Evie always tells me what they have been up to”  


Comments from the Key Workers in the home: 

 “Evie really enjoys the visits, she loves it. I saw Kate on Saturday and Evie was really excited to see her. She couldn’t wait to tell Kate about her good news from school

Kate is great with Evie and so consistent, every two weeks without fail. Kate is brilliant – we need a replica of her for our other young person in the home, she is just fantastic."


From a Project View: 

"Kate has been that one consistent adult and has supported Evie through several moves in and around Hull and out of the county. Kate and Evie have a very special relationship and you can see when you talk to Evie how much she likes her. They do lots of fun things from baking to shopping, even entering Kate’s dog in a dog show under the category ‘prettiest eyes’”