Beth and Harvey

“I was matched with Harvey, who was eight at the time, in September 2021, and from our first visit he was very chatty, which made it easy for me because I was a bit nervous and didn’t really know what he would think of me.

Harvey has some disabilities so we must think and plan what activities we do. We both like to do outdoor activities, so on our first visit, we went to an orchard to pick apples, then had a picnic in some woods nearby. We have met every two weeks since and have been swimming, events at Bishop Burton College and in Beverley, to the cinema, and had several visits to the local parks.                                                                                                                                                                           

Harvey has had to move placements several times since I met him, and I have supported him through this. I could tell he was worried and with the project’s support, I visited him weekly when I could. All the changes have made him feel a little on edge and feeling a bit unsafe, but talking through this with me does seem to put his mind at rest.


I am constantly reassuring him and asking how I can help him deal with things. He has become more relaxed as time as gone on. I feel happy that I am playing a small part in his life and development. 


I am so glad I took the opportunity to train and become an Independent Visitor. Harvey can be challenging at times but overall, a very happy and bright little boy, and I can’t wait to see how he grows and develops in the future.” 


Social worker feedback: 

“Beth is consistent and committed. They have done a variety of activities that consider Harvey’s needs and interests. 

Harvey has had a turbulent time recently with moving home, and Beth has been with him during all these changes. 

Beth has attended his review meeting and has advocated for Harvey whilst also suggesting ideas for how to ensure he feels safe”. 


From the project: 

Beth was the ideal match for Harvey. With her special educational background and her passion for young people she really has been the right person for Harvey with everything that has happened in the last few months. With Harvey’s complex needs, we had to wait for the right person, and I have no doubt that Beth will remain as committed and supportive of Harvey throughout his experience in care.