Addiction, Health, Behaviour Change | CGL
Family, Friends and Carers Practitioner

What attracted you to Change Grow Live?

I originally started working for Change Grow Live via a TUPE process when they took over the Luton service in April of last year. In all honesty, I had mixed emotions about working for Change Grow Live due to the uncertainty surrounding my job at the time. However, I have been pleasantly surprised about how much I have enjoyed working for the organisation in my new role as Family, Friends and Carers Practitioner.

The main aspect of Change Grow Live that is attractive to me is the charity’s commitment to training and career progression, which has been encouraged at every step of my stint here so far.

Tell us about your role

The main responsibility in my role is to support significant others on both a 1-2-1 level and within a group setting. My role is to give clients the opportunity to discuss how their loved one's addictive behaviours are affecting their psychological and physical wellbeing. The aim of my role is to educate significant others around drug education and explore coping strategies to better help clients equip themselves through a difficult time.

What do you enjoy about the role?

The opportunity to support families through a really difficult time is one that I relish, especially empowering loved ones to help an individual so that they understand the often crippling effect that their addiction has on the family dynamics. It is important that family members have the space to air their thoughts and feeling in a confidential and non- judgemental environment.

Why do you think you’re suited to this kind of work?

My aptitude for this particular role is borne out of my caring and enthusiastic approach to helping people realise that they can heal themselves from being oppressed by the behaviours they encounter from their loved ones who are side-lined with drug or alcohol issues.