Addiction, Health, Behaviour Change | CGL
Recovery Coordinator

"I’ve come all the way through the service, starting as a service user and then a volunteer. I think that makes me more empathetic towards the service users. I don’t judge, I don’t look down on people, because I’m the same as them. If I had a worker looking down on me I wouldn’t be where I am now.

The training programme at CGL has been absolutely brilliant, especially the Motivational Interviewing, that was fantastic. Everything is well organised and structured.

We’ve had some big changes recently but the teams have rallied around and really helped each other. It’s all about teamwork here – and humour.

Don’t take the job at face value, don’t just look at the job title. There’s an awful lot more to it than that. For example, I’m currently pushing towards creating links with local mental health services, delivering presentations to potential partners. The team is always pushing to do more for service users."