Change Grow Live – health and social care charity

"I have been volunteering with Inspire for 18 months. I originally accessed the service as a service user to get help with my drinking after I had a seizure one day. I’m mostly based at reception – chatting to people, putting them at ease and taking their details. I also help out at Focus and Fly, which is a confidence building course run by the Work Company. I think it’s good for service users to meet someone who comes across a little bit differently like myself, who’s got different life experiences. I have high functioning autism so I feel like I’m always saying the wrong thing, even though I don’t mean to! People in the service are understanding though and just find it funny now. Before I went to Inspire I’d never achieved anything at all. The team at Inspire have given me all the confidence I’ve got now and I am so grateful for all the support I have received, especially from my supervisor and the volunteer co-ordinator. I’m learning a lot of computer skills and I’ve started assisting on the peer mentor training. One day it’d be lovely to have a part time job, hopefully at Inspire!"