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Change Champion

"I’m a Change Champion at one of our criminal justice services in Leeds. I work with service users to improve engagement, using outreach, one-to-one sessions and group work. I help teach new thinking skills and how to change learned behaviours for more of a positive outcome. I also collect for the local foodbank. I came into the role through the peer mentor route after being released from prison. I completed several qualifications and then was offered a permanent position. I may have a criminal history but I’m motivated, enthusiastic, and willing to learn. My past also works to my benefit because when I’m helping service users we’re reading off the same page, and it helps me to motivate them. I feel that I’m a real success story - getting permanent employment, not being involved in any criminal activity, and doing something I enjoy while helping clients. That’s what keeps me going every day. I always say - don’t lose focus on what you want. Anything is achievable as long as you put your mind to it. I’m completely focused on my personal development now, and achieving what I’m capable of. I’ve got no barriers."

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