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Services Manager

"While I was doing my Criminology degree I would walk to university every day. I’d see homeless individuals and always wonder what was going on for them. I decided I wanted to do something to help, so I volunteered with the YMCA, which led to a sessional contract. I learned a lot about how to engage with people from a homeless background, and the difficulties these people can face, such as drug and alcohol use. That’s what led me into working in this sector really - I understood a lot of the difficulties service users faced and I knew what advice to give. Now that I’ve moved into a management role, I don’t have that interaction with service users on a daily basis, but I get to make a difference to people’s lives through leading the team. If I lead a really good team and I make sure they have all the resources that they need to support someone, and I make the right links with partnership agencies, I know I’ve done a good job. My highlight so far has been the graduation ceremony we held for service users last year. Seeing everyone there with their families taking photos, and knowing how far they’d all come - it was brilliant."