Change Grow Live – health and social care charity
Choices Coordinator & former volunteer

"Volunteering has given me the biggest opportunities in my life – I have gained a solid career and it has kept me on a constant path of thriving, developing myself and helping others which is what I have always felt I wanted to do after struggling with demons myself. I now work for CGL Choices and would not have been able to get into this role unless I experienced and learnt all I did through volunteering with CGL for a year. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to engage with people, learn people skills, counselling skills, develop yourself constantly and challenge yourself. There were times I felt I was thrown in the deep end and through that I have learnt all the skills I need to be an effective coordinator in my job role today. It gave me a steady structure which is very important in recovery, and colleagues who are very special to me and have influenced me in the best of ways and increased my self-esteem and confidence. Each day is different but each day I feel I am developing not only as a professional but as a person as well. By volunteering I was given countless opportunities to learn, develop and challenge myself to the point I had enough skills in order to apply for a full time job within CGL. CGL have supported me in my recovery, my volunteering and in my job role at present and I cannot thank them enough for the life changing doors it has opened for me as well as all the wonderful workers who helped me get to this point."

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