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Lead Nurse

Why are nurses so important to CGL?

Nurses play an integral role within CGL. The overall aim being to improve the health and wellbeing of our service users in a holistic way, providing clinical interventions and decision making, to a high standard. Holistic care implies that a whole person is more important than the sum of their parts. This means that care ought to address cultural, spiritual, and mental health needs concurrently. This directly corresponds with CGL's values and beliefs.

Talk us through a typical day

At Gateshead Evolve, we have an allocated Nurse on duty daily to deal with any ad hoc interventions which may be required. This may be BBV screening, Hepatitis B vaccination, wound care assessment and any information/queries any service users/staff may have or require. We also facilitate access to opiate replacement therapy, complete comprehensive health assessments, undertake detox monitoring and signpost where required.

What attracted you to Change Grow Live?

The idea of putting the service user at the forefront of every contact and the importance of ensuring recovery is visible and celebrated. Service user involvement is paramount and sought with regard to decision making and how the service moves. There is a distinct staff voice and consideration given to the wellbeing of staff.

What has your highlight been so far?

Implementing and undertaking the first opiate detox to occur within our locality. Not only is this an excellent resource which was not previously available to service users, but it was also a great opportunity for the Nursing staff to develop their knowledge and skills. Seeing clients complete their treatment journey as a result of this has been very uplifting and inspiring.

What sort of person makes a great nurse?

A professional, compassionate and diligent person makes a great nurse. Someone with a sense of hope, a caring nature and a great sense of humour!