Addiction, Health, Behaviour Change | CGL
Regional Connecting Communities Lead

"Humans are so resilient and everyone has a secret world inside of them, doing the job I do has made me appreciate that we are all magnificent!

I work as Regional Connecting Communities Lead (NE, Yorkshire, Humberside and East Midlands). I love the job I do, it has instilled me with a faith in humanity – that when we support and care for each other we can change the world! Within my role I get the opportunity to work with real people who know what it is all about, who have lived through difficult and challenging times and watch them grow and develop, sometimes in the most amazing ways. You see genuine changes happen that give people back a sense of self-worth and control over their lives; who begin to believe that what they say is being heard.The job I do enables me to create new pathways and opportunities for people that long term could assist in providing sustainable change, inspire and create connections.

I support services within the region to connect with their communities, to build and strengthen networks and improve social relationships. The vision is to create resilient communities of mutual hope, trust, compassion, equality and solidarity. We all have the power inside us to make a difference to someone’s life, that’s a choice we all have."