Addiction, Health, Behaviour Change | CGL
Head of Executive Office

"Before joining CGL I’d never even worked in the third sector, but now I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. Previously having worked for big corporations, the end goal was always money, but here the end goal is changing someone’s life – that’s really special. My first day as David Biddle’s Assistant was his first day as Chief Executive too, and we clicked straight away. I accompanied David to my first round of staff conferences in October/November 2013 and got to listen to some brilliant Service User stories – it was emotional to say the least! After the conference I was clearly moved and David asked me why; I said I felt so far removed from the front line and all of the amazing work that they do. David pointed out to me then that working for an organisation like this we all play our part in changing lives, no matter how small - that has stayed with me and means a lot. I think CGL is amazing and I’m so proud to work here.”