Addiction, Health, Behaviour Change | CGL
Dr Abhi
Consultant Psychiatrist

“I am a Consultant Psychiatrist and addiction specialist. At CGL I know what happens at ground level and I can use that to make big changes for service users. It takes a lot for someone to knock on our door – that first step is the most important step they’ll ever take. One size certainly doesn’t fit all, so we have to tailor our treatment to individual needs, and yes it can be challenging. But I’m not work shy, in fact I’d love to do more and I’m always approachable. Everyone is so welcoming at my service and I’m confident we can make a big difference to people’s lives. We take you under our wing and nurture, coach and support you. I want to help fight the stigma that service users and their families deal with. I get it, and I know that I can bring about positive change in people. It’s about that understanding, and moving forward together as a partnership.”