Addiction, Health, Behaviour Change | CGL
Deputy Services Manager

What's your work background like?

I started working in this field in 2004, initially working in one of the prison substance misuse services, and have worked in a community alcohol service, abstinence day programme, integrated drug & alcohol recovery services and a criminal justice service. I started work as a front line Project Worker in the prison, was promoted to Team Leader and then Project Manager before being promoted to Deputy Services Manager.

What attracted you to Change Grow Live?

To be honest I stumbled across this work! Following completing my degree in Counselling and Psychology I noticed an advert in a local paper for a recruitment day, which I attended and as the day went on I became more and more interested in the type of work the organisation undertook. I have felt proud to be part of this organisation as I have seen the responsive approach services take to meeting the needs of service users, as well as the innovative techniques to engage with service users.

What does a typical day look like for you?

That’s a hard question! Each day can be very different from the last, from attending meetings with partnership agencies to improve performance, to completing an assessment with a service user, to supervising staff. I often get to meet very interesting people within my role and have been fortunate enough to hear about some truly inspiring recovery journeys.

What are you most passionate about?

As one of the marketing champions for the organisation I am very keen to ensure we promote our services and reach as wide an audience as possible, I am often tweeting for our service and happy planning events to attend where we can showcase the work we do. I am also passionate about inclusiveness within the organisation and for the last two years have lead on our involvement with Pride in London, which has been a fantastic experience to raise awareness of our support of the LGBT+ community and increase accessibility to our services.

Tell us about your highlights so far

Organising our first involvement with Pride in London last year was a true highlight for me, it was a bright sunny day and it felt great to march in the parade with pride, displaying our logo on t-shirts and banners. We had staff, volunteers and service users involved and I am hoping for an even bigger and better event this year!