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Warrington band showcases music for addiction recovery

Warrington band showcases music for addiction recovery

24 August 2017

Members of Warrington-based band ‘The Recoverists’ are set to showcase their talents in a powerful documentary about how music helped them overcome addiction.

Members of the band have worked together to film a short documentary which will be showcased at the town’s Pyramid Centre on Thursday August 31 at 6.30pm.

The film shows the band’s journey from its modest beginnings through to some of their biggest achievements and illustrates how a love of music has helped them on the journey to recovery.

Band members Sean Taylor, 42, Paula Kenyon, 43, David Cooper, 41, John Clare, 45 and Stuart Greaves, 40, all attended CGL's Pathways to Recovery service. The integrated drug and alcohol treatment service provides a full range of treatment options, guidance and support and a clear pathway to recovery for people affected by drugs and/or alcohol misuse.

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