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Fake Percocet tablets containing fentanyl in circulation

Fake Percocet tablets containing fentanyl in circulation

12 December 2018

The Metropolitan Police have issued an alert regarding the seizure of ’significant’ quantities of fake Percocet tablets that contained fentanyl and no other psychoactive drug.

Click here for harm reduction advice for people who use or may encounter fentanyl.

We have not had any local reports of Percocet (fake or otherwise) and although individuals may have bought fentanyl online, we’ve not had any confirmed information of fentanyl tablets in circulation in local drug markets.

Please avoid taking tablets marked Percocet.

Fentanyl is so potent at such low doses that there is a significant risk of death if it is consumed, even if harm reduction steps are taken.

If you have any additional information that might help people who use drugs to stay safe, or you would like some advice, please contact your local service. Find the contact details for all our services here.