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Young people

How we can help you

If you're worried about your use of drugs or alcohol, we can help. Our services are free, confidential and run by staff who understand what young people think and feel about using substances.

Whether you want to stop or reduce your use of drugs and alcohol, or you just want to find out more about what you're taking and understand the risks, we are here. You can talk in confidence to someone who will listen to you and answer any questions you may have. Then, once we get to know you, we can talk about your options and you can choose what you want to do next to make changes in your life.

We want it to be as easy as possible for you to speak to someone, so if you can’t get to one of our services we can come to you – at home, at school, in a youth centre, or any other venue where you feel comfortable.

So, why not get in touch with our friendly and approachable staff and find out more about what we offer. We won’t judge you and we won’t tell you what to do, so don’t be afraid to take the first step.

More than just help with drugs or alcohol

We’re not just here to help with drugs and alcohol. We can also help you with other concerns that might be troubling you, such as where you live, relationships with family or friends, money and benefits, education and training or involvement with crime or antisocial behaviour.

The support we offer includes:

  • Advice and information
  • Medical treatment and therapy
  • Counselling to help with personal problems, like a difficult home life
  • Signposting to other local support around housing, mental health, domestic abuse etc.
  • Fun activities like sports and music
  • Support with education, training and employment
  • Access to gym passes and ideas about how to stay healthy.


Our service is confidential, which means that we won’t tell anyone else, like your parents or teachers, what you discuss with us. The only time we might talk to others is if we think that either you or someone else is in danger as a result of your own (or someone else’s) drink or drug use, or another activity you tell us about. We will explain this to you fully when you first come to talk to us.

Start your recovery journey by searching for your local CGL service now.

Other sources of support

  • Talk to Frank - information, advice and support about drugs
  • Samaritans - talk to Samaritans any time, about anything that's worrying you
  • Young Minds - mental health support for young people
  • Centre Point - support for young people affected by homelessness
  • The Hide Out - support if you're affected by domestic abuse
  • NHS Choices - sexual health and advice for young people.

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