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The CGL Service User Survey 2016 - what our service users told us

At the end of last year CGL undertook a Service User Survey. The purpose of the survey, which was developed in consultation with service users and staff, was to obtain information about service users’ experiences of our services and to identify areas for improvement. The survey contained questions on whether service users felt that their recovery plans and support met their needs, if they had trust and confidence in their key worker/support worker and whether they felt they had been treated with dignity and respect. A free text section at the end of the survey provided respondents with an opportunity to give comments about the quality of services being provided and make suggestions about what they felt could be improved. The total number of respondents to the survey was 1,184: twice that of when the survey was last undertaken.

The survey results for each region and for CGL as a whole have now been published. They show that for the significant majority of the areas within the survey, respondents gave a positive rating. When analysed for all 1,184 respondents, there was an overall satisfaction rating of between 80%-90%.

service user satisfaction results, summarised below in text

88% said our services were good or very good; 87% said they had been treated with dignity, fairness and respect; 86% said they would recommend our services to their family

The adults and young people that use our services told us:

Our staff are friendly and respectful

9 in 10 said that our staff are polite, friendly and welcoming.

Our buildings are clean and tidy

9 in 10 said the reception area in their service is clean and tidy.

Our services are accessible and meet your needs

8 in 10 said our services are accessible.

When it comes to recovery support:

infographic data image, text description below

88% said that their CGL worker had listened carefully to them; 88% said they had agreed what their recovery/support plan would comprise of

infographic image, text below

86% said that they were provided with information they could easily understand; 81% said they had trust and confidence in the member of staff supporting them

Free text comments

Analysis of the free text comments showed a range of positive feedback.

"I would recommend CGL to anyone who needs help."

"I have been treated with dignity and respect. The service has been excellent throughout."

"The staff here go above and beyond - they know what I go through every day."

 "Thank you CGL. You have been lifesaving."

Areas for improvement

There were 2 areas within the survey: knowledge of our complaints procedure, and awareness that personal information could be used for research purposes, where 30% of respondents said that they did not know about these processes. Work is already underway to address these issues.

The 2017 survey

The planning for the next survey, which will take place in September, is already underway and we will be hoping to achieve an even higher response rate and level of positive feedback.

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