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Illegal drugs

Illegal drugs are those whose use is controlled by the UK government under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

The Act separates drugs into three classes - A, B and C. Each class is subject to different penalties for possession and supply depending on how harmful they are to individuals and society. Class A drugs are the most harmful and therefore carry the highest penalties for possession and supply, whilst Class C drugs are comparatively less harmful and have lower penalties.

The guides below provide information about the most common illegal drugs: their use; effects and risks; and their legal status.

The information about drugs and alcohol provided on this website is intended to minimise the harm caused by drug and alcohol misuse where possible. Change, grow, live (CGL) does not support, or endorse in any way the taking, or use, of any of the illegal drugs (or the misuse of legal drugs) detailed on this website. Prescription medication should only be taken under the supervision of a trained medical professional.

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