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Team Inspire are Born Survivors

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Team Inspire are Born Survivors

12 October 2015

On Saturday 26th September 2015 twelve members of Team Inspire took part in Born Survivor - a gruelling assault course over 10km, featuring 31 obstacles, designed by the Royal Marines to test even the fittest individuals.

Born Survivor is a team event, with each team having to work together and support each other through every single obstacle, finishing the event as a team.

Team Inspire met at the Inspire project in Accrington and  travelled to Capesthorne Hall, Macclesfield, the location for Born survivor. 

Born Survivors mud

Following registration the team set off, along with teams from across the country, tackling obstacles with fury and determination; obstacles such as “The Fire Trench”, “The Bomb-Hole”, “Drop-Zone Alpha” and “Somme”. 

The team overcame cold, water, heights and mud………..lots and lots of mud, and more mud, ultimately crossing the finish line together.

Well done to all who participated. If you want to make any donations to their fantastic achievement they are collecting for the local food bank and all non-perishable food items will be well received and welcomed in any of the Inspire Project locations.