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T3 Young Person's Substance Misuse Service - Staffordshire

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T3 is a confidential service for young people up to 18 years old in Staffordshire (excluding Stoke-on-Trent), which aims to help reduce the risks and harm associated with alcohol and drug misuse. 

T3 aims to help young people make informed choices about their alcohol and drug use, and to raise awareness of all the risks involved. This includes providing high quality and responsive support and assistance to parents and carers, schools, colleges, statutory services and other young person’s services and youth and community groups, enabling effective community treatment planning that reflects an inclusive approach to care co-ordination. 

A team of qualified staff with specialist alcohol and drug knowledge and specific experience of working with young people will provide an initial comprehensive assessment of need, access to specialist prescribing pathways, structured care planning, therapeutic interventions and motivational support. 

Our aims are to identify appropriate care pathways into treatment, support and education, which reflect individual need, and also to reduce the harm caused to the individual service users and the wider community through substance misuse and associated crime and anti-social behaviour.  

"MM stated she has a better relationship with mum and dad since working with T3 and has learned how to stay safe when she is out with friends." 

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What we do and how we do it

At T3 we offer a wide range of services and support, ranging from one-off to longer term support. These include:

Face 2 Face Young Person centred interventions: which promote positive change.

These can include:

  • Advice, information and guidance
  • Harm reduction support
  • Structured talking therapies
  • Motivational support and advocacy
  • Clinical assessment
  • Community prescribing 
  • Drop-ins


You may see the T3 staff team at various different venues and events across Staffordshire promoting working together and giving positive support messages to young people around alcohol & drugs. We try to make sure we are accessible all across Staffordshire in venues that work for Young People and partners, so please keep an eye out for us or contact us on 01785 241393 if you would like to request this service.

"Steve and Adam were both fantastic with the young people and were able to deliver the information as well as provide a fun atmosphere which kept the girls engaged.  The girls benefited from the session and now have a much better understanding of the substances they are regularly exposed to."

Natalie - Lichfield Local Support Team

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Group work programmes for young people

These can provide education and advice to reduce or prevent the harms associated with alcohol and drugs. These sessions take place throughout Staffordshire in agreed venues and are tailored specifically to meet the needs of the group.

"GV stated as a result of working with T3 he has been able to identify negative peer groups and has got involved in positive activities.  He has new friends and feels confident. GV has stated that since stating with T3 he has remained drug free."

Support for parents, carers and families

We understand the important supportive role that parents, carers and other family members can play and offer tailored support to help them better understand and support their loved ones.

Support for young people who are affected by parental or another family members’ alcohol and/or drug use

T3 understand the difficulties in seeing the life of a loved one being affected by alcohol and drugs.  We offer services to ensure that the needs of those young people affected by “hidden harm” are also being met

Partnership working and consultancy

We are happy to work with all partners within Staffordshire.  At T3 we recognise that no single agency can provide all of the services that will meet the needs of young people. However, we do believe that service users can experience a seamless journey and benefit from a multi-agency approach if the care coordination is of a high standard and is supported by locally agreed care pathways and working together protocols. T3 currently works with a range of voluntary and statutory agencies across Staffordshire and have developed in partnership with them smooth referral routes to ensure the ongoing needs of the young person are met. Please feel free to contact us on 01785 241393 if you would like to speak to us.

"Room 21 has worked with T3 for years, staff value their consistency and approach with our students. Their skills and knowledge has a huge impact on the support available to students at Leek High. Communication is great, Danni and Clare are definitely part of the Multi Agency Unit"

Lindsey - Leek High School


We are happy to receive feedback and actively seek it from Young People and Professionals, as we feel this is the only way we can truly evolve to meet individual needs. Please feel free to use the feedback forms on the right-hand side of this page.

Make an appointment

To make an appointment for support or to just discuss any concerns, please call 01785 241393 where someone will be on hand to support you.  From this we can determine with you the best way to offer support to you, where you preferred to be seen and how you want communications to be held.

Make a referral

We only accept referrals for young people where they are aware of the referral and wish to see a project worker; this should be explored with the young person prior to any referral. 

We are more than happy to discuss issues and concerns you may have about a young person you know or are working with, and their suitability for a referral to the T3 Young Person’s Substance Misuse Service prior to a referral taking place. When the decision has been made to refer we would ask that the referrer complete a referral form, giving details of other professionals who are involved in working with the young person, problematic issues and current alcohol and/or drug use etc. 

We also accept referrals either directly from the young person, their family or friends. Again a referral would only be accepted where the young person is aware of and consents to the referral. The normal route of family and self- referral is via phone contact at the office. The case would then be allocated and the project worker will be in touch. 

We endeavour to assess all new referrals within five days of referral. To make a referral please call 01785 241393 or use the attached referral forms.

Can’t attend your appointment?

Don’t worry; If you’re a young person and are unable to attend your appointment, and you already have an allocated worker, please contact the worker directly to inform them.

If you don’t have an allocated worker then please contact T3 on 01785 241393 to let the team know.

Other sources of local support

Please note that the service has no fixed address for young people to visit.  We are happy to meet young people in locations that best suit their needs: home, school, college, YOS etc.  

01785 241393

The admin office is open 9am - 5pm on weekdays, however the service runs purely around the need of the service user so staff work with young people at hours and venues that suit them; evening and weekends are available as appropriate


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