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Spectrum Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service holds First Aid training on Overdose Awareness Day

Spectrum Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service holds First Aid training on Overdose Awareness Day

1 September 2016

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National Overdose Awareness Day is a global event held on August 31st aimed at raising awareness of the risks of overdose from drugs and help reduce the stigma of drug related deaths. The day acknowledges the grief felt by families and friends of those who have died from overdose and helps educate the public on prevention. 

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To commemorate the day, service Users from all over Hertfordshire, as well as carers and members of partner organisations, attended First Aid training lead by the British Red Cross at St Martin’s House, Hatfield.    

Over 15 participants were taken through 6 areas of emergency First Aid, learning how to respond if someone is choking, unresponsive or having a seizure, with local service users dropping in at certain points throughout the day.

This was followed by a Q&A with a carer who spoke about her experience administering the anti-opioid medicine Naloxone to her son. Nurse Clinical Lead AnnaMarie Felice tied up proceedings by briefly demonstrating how Naloxone is used and giving out troubleshooting advice on situations that involve its use.  

AnnaMarie said:

“Spectrum wanted to mark the day by providing training on First Aid and hear of the first-hand experience of a mum who saved her son from heroin overdose by administering Naloxone. We are enormously grateful to the British Red Cross for their training input and to the mum who spoke courageously of her experience when she found her son collapsed. Through her intervention she was able to summon help and administer Naloxone. The training was very informative and the feed-back from participants was very positive. A service user who sat through the mother’s story remarked ‘I hope I never put my mother through to that’.

If you or a loved one use opiates, such as Heroin, you can speak to our staff about take-home Naloxone and training today. Email for further information."