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Reach Out Recovery - Birmingham

Grants scheme

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Birmingham charities and not-for-profit groups are invited to apply for grants to support work in the community to improve the lives of adults (over 18s) including families and carers experiencing difficulties with drugs and alcohol.

Reach Out Recovery in Birmingham have funding available to organisations that run projects or activities that benefit the recovery community.

Organisations can apply for grants of up to £2,000, which must be spent within 12 months of the grant being allocated.

Applications will be considered by a panel led by service users representatives and assessed on how the grant directly improves the lives of individuals and communities affected by drug and alcohol. We will consider the health of your organisation including finances, safeguarding and governance. Projects need to meet at least one of the following objectives:

- Reductions in reoffending
- Improved housing
- Improved parenting
- Increased levels of employment
- Effective child safeguarding
- Improvements in physical and mental health

Change Grow Live runs the Reach Out Recovery drug and alcohol treatment service, which provides free and confidential advice, treatment and support to people affected by substance misuse. 

The grants are part of the charity’s commitment to working collaboratively with like-minded organisations across the not-for-profit sector that can help deliver its vision of lasting behavioural change, and lives lived free from drug and alcohol misuse. 

You should plan your application so that you will receive a decision and payment (if successful), in plenty of time before your project is due to start.  We hold quarterly deadlines for applications that run throughout each year:

15th May - expect a decision by the end of June and payment (if successful) by the end of July

15th August – expect a decision by the end of September and payment (if successful) by the end of October

15th November - expect a decision by the end of December and payment (if successful) by the end of January

15th February - expect a decision by the end of March and payment (if successful) by the end of April

“Our aim is to make a positive impact on people and communities directly affected by drug and alcohol misuse, whether this is directly through our own work, or by supporting the many charities and voluntary groups who have a valuable contribution to make to their communities. From supporting research and development, to building capacity and enabling new activities, we hope these grants will support our friends and partners to make a real difference.”

Kirsty Mason, Business and Partnership Manager, change grow live