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Inspire - St Anne's

Inspire St Anne’s is a fully integrated drug and alcohol service delivered in a community setting. The service provides rapid and open access to assessment and treatment services for people who have problems with drugs and/or alcohol.

What we do and how we do it

inspire st annesWe provide all aspects of drug and alcohol treatment, including open access, structured treatment and referral to tier 4 rehabilitation. Our aim is to promote recovery from addiction and dependence and support people to make positive changes to their lives.

Inspire St Anne’s provides:

  • A range of structured one-to-one and group psychosocial interventions
  • Recovery-focused groups and workshops
  • A range of brief and extended interventions for alcohol users
  • Engagement and outreach support
  • Community detox for drugs and alcohol with full support and aftercare
  • Referral to inpatient detox or rehabilitation
  • inspire st annesA needle and syringe programme including a range of harm reduction interventions, including testing and vaccinations for blood borne viruses
  • Medically assisted recovery options
  • Specialist criminal justice support
  • Peer support

Make an appointment

To access support, advice or treatment, please drop into or call our open access centre where we will assess your needs, discuss your treatment options and work with you to develop a personalised recovery plan.

Make a referral

Please contact us on 01253 724710 or forward a referral form via fax, letter or email, alternatively drop in to the centre at any time during open hours to access our open access service.

Can’t attend your appointment?

Please contact us on 01253 724710 as soon as possible to arrange an alternative appointment.

Other sources of local support

We are located opposite the YMCA gym, 10 minutes walk from train station and local bus routes with a car park at rear.

The Paterson Centre
75 St Albans Road
St Anne's
United Kingdom
01253 714144

9-5 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

9-7 Wednesday