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The Leeds IOM team offers a pathway to improving the lives of those involved in the criminal justice system. We offer a wide range of intensive, community-based support that can be tailored to the individual and their needs. This can include access to drug treatment, referrals to specialist support services, advice and information on a wide range of issues such as housing, benefits, employment and training and support for significant others.

We work in partnership with various agencies including the Police, Probation, Adult and Childrens Social Care, mental health services, community treatment services as well as many others.

The case management that we provide is for those who are seen to be causing the most harm to the community through their offending behaviour. We work with a range of partners, as mentioned above, to deliver interventions based on the understanding of the triggers that motivate people to commit crime, we work with service users to identify solutions to issues and ensure deliverable outcomes, with the ultimate aim of reducing offending.

Clients are engaged in a variety of ways including prison inreach, though the custody suites as part of the arrest referral service and through assertive outreach in the community. We provide one to one support and access to a variety of groups depending on the clients needs. There are a number of staff within the service that take the lead in specific areas, allowing us to provide more intensive support for issues such as housing, benefits, ETE and mental health.

The Operation Anchor initiative that we deliver in partnership with the Police and Probation Service has been particularly effective in reducing burglary rates in the city. This initiative focuses on those with previous convictions for burglary that are being released from prison.

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